Bucephalus Bikes recently reopened at its third location in Evanston, 1424 Lake St., across from Penny Park. Shop owner Alex Añon promises the same services, including repairs, tune-ups, overhauls and new builds to help Evanston become an even more bike-friendly city.

The shop originally opened in August 2009 on Greenleaf Avenue, then relocated to Crain Street in the winter of 2011. These “incubator garages,” as Mr. Añon describes the first two locations, did not provide enough space for equipment and were not bringing in enough incidental traffic. The new location, he says, satisfies both of these needs.

Mr. Añon says he guarantees customer satisfaction by the way he personally treats each individual bike. He says that his paying attention to the details of each bike, being meticulous with repairs and cleaning more thoroughly, means customers are likely to keep coming back.

“When people come in and see me personally doing the work on the bikes, it reassures them that someone is taking care of them,” Mr. Añon said.

Mr. Añon had a specific vision when opening Bucephalus Bikes three years ago: to encourage everyone to ride. He said he realized that many bike shops in Evanston were geared toward competitive cyclists or more seriously devoted riders, leaving out the average commuter, families who ride with children and the occasional around-town cyclist.

“My shop doesn’t turn its back on any of these riders,” Mr. Añon said. “I provide for those people who ask questions, those that drop off their bikes and don’t worry about being judged by how old or neglected the bike is. I am sensitive to their approach of cycling.”

There are also health, sustainability and social aspects to cycling that Mr. Añon wishes to promote. He also hopes to encourage young riders to change their dependence on cars.

Bucephalus Bikes is officially open for business, and Mr. Añon says he looks forward to a grand opening celebration at the end of August.

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