About Our Reconditioned Bicycles.

Bucephalus Bikes’ practice of reconditioning used bicycles and selling them at reasonable prices reflects our commitment to sustainability.  We believe that offering a great selection of reconditioned bikes is good for everyone. It is good for consumers because the bikes we sell are a great value as well as their being wonderfully unique. It is also good for the environment.  As in other industries, many new bicycles are designed poorly and manufactured cheaply.  Therefore, they cannot be repaired effectively, are “thrown away”, and a new one is purchased.  We aim to break this vicious cycle that disregards our resources by selling and reconditioning only quality bicycles.

We start with a solid used frame.

The bicycles we choose to recondition have quality frames made out of durable materials, typically steel or aluminum, treated and coated to ward off the rust and corrosion. After a thorough cleaning and polishing, a Raleigh Sports or a Schwinn Breeze from the 1970’s will look as great as it did when it was first ridden. Reconditioned bicycles offer great value because of the savings in recycling a perfectly good frame otherwise destined for the metal scrapper.

If components need replacing, we replace them with quality ones.

The bicycles we recondition are dismantled to varying degrees, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled using original components when possible or replacing them. If components need to be replaced, we use compatible, quality parts. At times, we modify aspects of the bicycle such as handlebars, gearing and shifting, or tires to make the bike more suitable and ergonomic for the intended rider. Our reconditioned bicycles are carefully built without cutting corners, making them “custom” bikes.

All work done on our reconditioned bicycles is done by expert mechanics.

Our reconditioned bicycles are fully tuned-up and properly adjusted to perform and fit optimally. As with all our service, we are meticulous and thorough. We expect our reconditioned bikes to ride as smoothly as a new bicycle. We offer free adjustments for the first year after purchase, and handlebar, saddle, or pedal swaps are done at no charge.  We are proud of the work we do and stand behind it, ensuring your satisfaction and enjoyment of your ride.

Our reconditioned bicycles offer great value, but they will be more expensive than bicycles bought from big box stores.

Unlike the big box stores, we know and care a lot about bicycles. Big box stores are able to sell new bicycles for less because of a number of reasons, including economies of scale and cheap labor (“assemblers” rather than experienced mechanics). Most significantly, the materials and components used are of inferior quality. The combination of these factors result in less reliability, greater maintenance costs, and a much shorter life. We believe that bicycles should not be considered “disposable” but rather as a long-term investment. With proper care and maintenance, the reconditioned bicycles we sell will last longer than a “big box” one.

At Bucephalus Bikes, we believe that repairing, reconditioning, and rebuilding bicycles revitalizes, not only the “machines”, but the people riding them as well.

Seeing a bicycle have the chance to go around again or a favorite bicycle from one’s youth all fixed up and ready for riding today makes all of us happy.  Our interest is in getting more people riding and that means ensuring their ride is comfortable, enjoyable,  and safe.  We believe that our “pre-ridden” bikes are sure to provide their new owners with many years of great riding and fun.